During these challenging times that have brought big changes also to the work environment, A&C has found new ways of practicing social distancing to facilitate the adjustment to the “new normal”. Over the past few weeks we’ve been holding numerous remote group activities to virtually bring together the staff working on site and the employees working from home.


A few of the activities that have been introduced thanks to the ideas and contribution of some of our team members are:

  • A&C Group Chat: WhatsApp and Microsoft Teams group chats for the staff to keep in touch, share thoughts, ideas and provide support and advice to each other on personal and professional life.
  • A&C Game Night: monthly online group game nights to share a moment of fun.
  • A&C Happy Hour: virtual happy hours to celebrate employees’ birthdays and to encourage everyone to come together and catch up outside working hours.
  • A&C Water Cooler Chat & Coffee Break: an open chat to any staff member who would like to drop in and say hello to colleagues, share a joke or simply take a break and have a quick chat with a colleague.
  • A&C Recipes: a folder for anyone to share an old family cooking recipe, a new one they’ve created or a recipe they love for their colleagues to try at home and enjoy.
  • A&C Family Art Gallery: artwork display for all our staff’s children who would like to realize a painting or drawing themed around the “Everything will be okay/ Ça va bien aller” rainbow, which was introduced in many parts of the world as a symbol of hope during these challenging times.
  • Social Distancing: in all of A&C’s facilities the local government guidelines are being followed strictly to ensure staff safety and production continuity. Social distancing is respected at all times, hand sanitizer and face masks have been provided to all our team members, as well as a complimentary face cream manufactured by Vivier Pharma.


We were also delighted to play our part in the fight against COVID-19 and to give our contribution to the local communities in Canada and Ireland by providing ingredients for production of hand sanitizer.


A&C would like to thank all our staff for their outstanding cooperation, commitment and resilience they demonstrated in this difficult period. Their hard work and dedication have allowed A&C to continue supply critical raw materials to pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical customers worldwide during the COVID-19 pandemic.



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