PMSF - A & C


Phenylmethylsulfonyl Fluoride (CAS# 329-98-6) – also called PMSF – is one of the most important serine protease inhibitors studied over many years and remains in wide use today. PMSF is an inhibitor that works via sulfonylation of the serine residue and thus is classified as an irreversible inhibitor. It has proven extremely useful in protein isolation and therefore plays a key role in biopharmaceutical manufacturing, where PMSF is commonly used in formulating many isolation buffers.

Why is PMSF so important?

The activity of proteases is regulated tightly in all organisms. This strict control, however, is disrupted by cell lysis. When extracting and isolating proteins from cells it is necessary to avoid degradation of the target proteins. This is where GMP grade PMSF comes into play as the protease inhibitor allowing protection of the protein.


Why A&C’s GMP Grade PMSF is the best solution for protein isolation protocols

A&C manufactures a very high purity GMP grade PMSF that we refine through a robust multi-stage proprietary purification process. This includes a step which  completely removes particulate foreign matter and is followed by selective isolation to produce a highly pure GMP grade PMSF.


The A&C GMP custom development process for PMSF is carried out at one of our GMP production facilities in Canada, which is ISO 9001:2015 certified, EXCiPACT certified, holds a Health Canada DEL and is also Health Canada and FDA audited. The GMP custom development process is validated, and the product is manufactured, packaged and released under full GMP compliance.


A&C provides standard packaging sizes for GMP grade PMSF and we also offer a variety of GMP custom packaging formats in batch-specific sizes designed to meet the customers’ requirements.


A&C has complete control over and provides full transparency in the ingredients supply chain. We strictly adhere to GMP supply chain best practices and all our product documentation is captured in A&C’s Quality Management System. This ensures that our customers receive a product that meets the required standards of quality, purity, safety and suitability for their manufacturing applications.


With its high purity, A&C’s GMP custom manufactured PMSF is ideal for your isolation buffer and protein isolation protocols.