A&C manufactures a wide range of GMP pharmaceutical raw materials including preservatives, solvents, buffers, process solutions and cleaning solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotechnological markets.

Below is the GMP pharmaceutical raw materials list, which includes products that A&C has developed to solve our customers’ specific issues. These products meet a variety of monographs (USP/NF/EP/BP/JP) or multi-compendial grade. If a product doesn’t meet the compendia that you require or you need a product to meet a specific monograph or multi-compendial grade, Contact Us

Get in Contact With Us if the product you require is not listed in the table or if you need any of the products from the pharmaceutical raw materials list below to be manufactured within a fully compliant GMP process. We offer this service with transparency and will provide full supporting documentation.


A&C has a long history of GMP buffer manufacturing, process solutions and cleaning solutions for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry. In addition, we can offer buffering salts and concentrates for our customers to add with WFI (Water for Injection) or USP Water to make the solution in-house.
Buffers are essential in the majority of production steps and A&C acknowledges that buffer quality is key to the success of our clients’ pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical processes. For our buffer manufacturing we utilize USP purified water and USP WFI.

Contact Us regarding all of our buffers, process solutions and cleaning solutions.

In addition to our Northern American plants, we have a dedicated state-of-the-art facility for buffer manufacturing in Europe called A&C Bio Buffer. The A&C Bio Buffer GMP buffer and chemical blend portfolio includes custom blends and solutions or dilutions made under GMP conditions. Through the combination of our new GMP manufacturing facility, robust quality management systems, manufacturing expertise and technical excellence, A&C can manufacture customer specific products. This allows our customers to outsource their process solutions, cleaning solutions and buffer manufacturing to A&C, the perfect global GMP partner for custom buffers & custom chemical blends.

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A&C manufactures GMP preservatives for the life sciences industry. They prevent the growth of micro-organisms and chemical degradation in finished drug formulation. A&C GMP preservatives have high water solubility and provide stability and effectiveness over a wide range of pHs and temperatures. Listed above are some of our commercially available preservatives in various compendia. Full supporting documentation can be provided for all of these products if required. For any request or custom formulation requirements click here


A&C manufactures a variety of high-purity GMP solvents for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry. Our customers use our solvents because of the purity, control, transparency, and documentation provided. Solvents aid in the formulation of many health care products such as penicillin, aspirin, cough syrup and topical ointments We can also provide a wide range of solvents with custom packaging to meet your needs. If you have a requirement for GMP solvent, please Contact Us