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Multicompendial grade


A&C is a leading global GMP excipient manufacturer to the life sciences industry, offering our customers a broad portfolio of excipients. We also provide technical, quality and regulatory support throughout the entire sales cycle, from initial enquiry to full-scale GMP production.

Our experience as a global GMP excipient manufacturer has taught us that each customer has unique product needs requiring tailored solutions. Our highly skilled and experienced R&D team will work in unison with our customers to understand the product issues and to develop the necessary customized GMP solutions, such as GMP custom ingredient development, GMP manufacturing and GMP custom packaging.

As an experienced global excipient manufacturer, A&C has developed numerous customized GMP excipients over the years. Those excipients are currently used in vaccines, injectables, dermal, transdermal, topical and solid dosage finished drugs. All of A&C’s excipients are manufactured in accordance to GMP and meet all current monographs where applicable, including USP, Ph. Eur, BP, JP and multicompendial grade.

A&C also specializes in further processing excipients to make them GMP compliant through a GMP manufacturing process. If you require an excipient to meet a current monograph or to be brought under GMP please Contact Our Team

Please see our list of GMP compliant excipients readily available in various compendia with all associated supporting documentation. If you have a special request or require a custom formulation or a product to meet a specific monograph or multicompendial grade, Contact Us

Pharmaceutical excipients are substances other than the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) that have been appropriately evaluated for safety and are intentionally included in a drug delivery system.

Excipients have different roles in a formulation. Some of the major roles include:

  • Aid in the processing of the drug delivery system during its manufacture.
  • Protect, support or enhance stability, bioavailability or patient acceptability.
  • Assist in product identification and enhance any attribute of the overall safety.
  • Assist in the effectiveness and/or delivery of the drug in use.
  •  Assist in maintaining the integrity of the drug product during storage.

Excipients play a central role in the drug development process, in the formulation of stable dosage forms and in their administration. A&C is a global excipient manufacturer that offers GMP custom ingredient development, GMP manufacturing and GMP custom packaging.

Contact us if you need a custom formulation for any excipient.