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A&C Product Focus: Formaldehyde 37%


What is Formaldehyde

A&C manufactures Formaldehyde USP 37% solution stabilized with methanol under full GMP compliance.
Formaldehyde has many applications such as disinfectant, fungicide and germicide when diluted. It can also be employed as fixing agent at the 37% concentration for fixing cells for various biological spectroscopic applications. Formaldehyde is also utilized in gel electrophoresis.

This material is widely employed because of its very interesting properties. For instance, Formaldehyde itself is gaseous and has a boiling point of -19 ℃ with formula CH2O, it is completely soluble in water and in acetone. It readily polymerizes to form Paraformaldehyde, a linear polymer of up to 100 units appearing as an off-white solid which is quite inactive and stable. The useful form, however, is Formaldehyde in aqueous solution with a nominally 12% methanol added to prevent the polymerization.


Formaldehyde in vaccines

Formaldehyde has a long history of safe use in the manufacture of viral and bacterial vaccines. It is used to inactivate viruses so they won’t cause disease (e.g. Polio virus in Polio vaccine) or also to detoxify the bacteria in diphtheria vaccine for example. Even though Formaldehyde is toxic as a gas, and particularly if inhaled, it actually is naturally occurring in the human body at low levels. The quantity used in vaccines is many times lower than naturally occurring human body concentrations. Thus, the vaccine quantities are considered completely safe. Our bodies continually process Formaldehyde efficiently and effectively, both what is manufactured by our own biochemistry and what we experience in the environment. So any tiny amount of formaldehyde introduced through vaccine is easily handled by our normal biochemical body processes.


GMP custom packaging

A&C can provide Formaldehyde 37% in a variety of pack sizes. Batch specific packaging is also available for this material. Please contact us at info@acggp.com if you require a custom packaging format.



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