A&C is a global GMP manufacturer of excipients, buffers, process ingredients and a select number of APIs for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical markets. Over the years, we have offered our worldwide customer base numerous tailored solutions to solve their GMP specific technical and product issues.

The list contains examples of materials previously developed by our highly-skilled R&D team for some of our clients. Our products are available to the market with all associated supporting documentation, including CoA (Certificate of Analysis), product specifications, SDS and full Product Information Package (PIP).

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All of the custom materials produced by A&C are manufactured in accordance to GMP and meet a variety of current monographs, including USP, Ph. Eur., BP, JP and multi-compendial grade. If any of the products listed below do not meet the compendia that you require and you need a product to meet a specific monograph or multi-compendial grade, Contact Us.

If you require a specific product to be manufactured within a fully compliant GMP process, A&C offers this service with transparency and will provide full supporting documentation.

A&C generates robust, practical and cost-effective processes for the preparation of pharmaceutical ingredients utilizing chemistry techniques, such as distillation and crystallization to formulate GMP raw materials.

All products come with full release testing and full supporting documentation to meet all regulatory requirements, and can be provided in a wide range of GMP custom packaging formats which can be tailored according to your specific needs and production issues.


A CoA (Certificate of Analysis) is an official document issued by our Quality Assurance department. The CoA contains the results from QC tests and confirms that a specific product meets its own product specifications.

The CAS No. is a unique universal numeric identifier that identifies a specific substance. The CAS No. links to a great quantity of information associated with the specific chemical substance.

An SDS (Safety Data Sheet) provides information on the hazards a chemical presents, its risks to human health and environment, as well as the measures to control the risks. Being a chemical manufacturer, A&C provides our customers with a SDS compliant with REACH which contains the 16 headings required.