We are delighted to announce that A&C Canada became a member of two separate Canadian biotech associations: BIOTECanada and BioAlberta.

We are very pleased to announce that A&C Canada has recently become a proud member of BIOTECanada. BIOTECanada is a Canadian national industry association with over 200 members located nationwide, reflecting the diverse nature of Canada’s health, industrial and agricultural biotechnology sectors. Fully industry funded, their mission is to lead the advancement of a globally competitive Canadian biotechnology ecosystem and to foster the sustainable commercial development of biotechnology in the country.

A&C Canada joined BIOTECanada to be a part of the collective industry voice and further interact with the Canadian Life Science community. We will ensure to keep you informed of key industry events supported by either association that A&C Canada will be participating in throughout the year!

This year A&C Canada also became a member of BioAlberta, a Canadian member-driven association that represents and promotes the vibrant and diverse life sciences industry in the province of Alberta. Through their partnerships and collaborations, they are dedicated to promoting Alberta’s life science sector locally, nationally and internationally.

A&C Canada is delighted to have joined BioAlberta and we look forward to expanding our knowledge and connecting with the Canadian Biotech community and Life Science industry. Stay tuned for more information on upcoming events.

*Kindly note that BIOTECanada and BioAlberta are not associated or related in any way to one another.

The Canadian biotechnology and life science sector is one of the country’s fastest growing industries. Canada currently provides a modern, responsive, and efficient regulatory environment for pharmaceutical and biotechnology products. Over 300 biotech companies are spread out across the country and more than 100 operate in the pharmaceutical sector. Of those, 67% are in the discovering or emerging stage of development which indicates that the industry in his infancy.

A&C having two GMP production facilities manufacturing raw materials for this industry is delighted to be associated with this growing market.

For enquiries on A&C’s biotech membership please contact ebertaina@acggp.com.

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